Angel Fertility Clinic

Expert Doctors

This IVF centre has highly qualified and experienced doctors to offer high quality treatment and medical care.

Angel Fertility Clinic

Personalized Care

At Angel Fertility Clinic, we take a patient centric approach and offer the most suitable treatment and care.

Angel Fertility Clinic

In-house Embryologist

We have a highly educated, and experienced embryologist. The embryologist holds more than 20 years of experience.


Best IVF Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal

Angel Fertility Clinic, the best IVF clinic in Kathmandu, has helped many infertile couples get rid of obstacles and become parents of cute children. This IVF centre aims to help you make a wise and informed decision.

  • Higher Success Rate and Effective Treatment
  • Affordable Treatment and Care Services
  • Sophisticated Clinical Setup & Modern Facilities
  • Transparency, Adherence to Medical Norms & Standards
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Our Expertise

Angel Fertility Clinic

Certified Doctors

We have highly skilled and licensed doctors and allied healthcare professionals.

Angel Fertility Clinic

One-stop Solution

Angel Fertility Clinic is a one-stop clinic for male and female fertility problems.

Angel Fertility Clinic

Advance Teachnology

To cure fertility issues, we rely on advanced technologies available for reproductive health.

Angel Fertility Clinic

Affordable Cost

Our fertility treatment and medical care services are highly affordable for most couples.

Angel Fertility Clinic Angel Fertility Clinic Angel Fertility Clinic Angel Fertility Clinic

Affordable Fertility Treatment

Angel Fertility Clinic is a specialised clinic for fertility treatments. Backed by sophisticated clinical setup, experienced doctors, and skilled healthcare professionals, we comprehend the importance of fertility treatments for a couple, like you. And hence, we take nominal charges for our fertility treatments. Our treatment fees are lower and reasonable in comparison with other fertility clinics in Kathmandu, Nepal.


IVF Treatment

It is the most effective and successful treatment for male and female infertility. IVF Info


Ovulation Induction

In Ovulation Induction, we help couples comprehend the importance of ovulation for a conception.ICSI Info


IUI Treatment

It is the most effective treatment for couples when your male partner has a lower sperm count.IUI Info


Genetic Testing With IVF

It ensures couples have no genetic impacts on their future baby and facilitates healthy pregnancy.Read More...


ICSI Treatment

As a part of IVF treatment, it assures couples to have maximum outcomes from their fertility treatments.Read More...


Female Infertility

We treat all issues related to female infertility and help couples expand their family.Read More...

Frequently Ask Questions

We are sure, you have many questions in your mind. Don't worry, we are here to answer your all the queries.

You (couples of the opposite sexes) are a candidate for IVF if you have damaged/blocked fallopian tubes, PCOS, Ovulation disorders, poor sperm count & quality, and unexplained infertility.

Client's Feedback

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Angel Fertility Clinic

Trishna Dhungana

Dr. Rashmi, nurses, and staff are all amazing, very helpful, and accommodating. They all made this journey easy for me.

Angel Fertility Clinic

Maya sapkota

My wife is 4 months pregnant and so excited. Dr. Mira is a very professional and passionate doctor; thank you again for helping us start our family. I would highly recommend her.

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