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About Embr. Ram Prakash

Embryologists always play a major role in an IVF clinic. They are mostly scientific staff members who help with IVF, IUI and other artificial fertility solutions. They are sometimes referred to as “caretakers” of a patient’s eggs, sperm and embryos. They are first-hand nurturers and will make the entire process a huge success.

Embryologists usually hold Master’s degrees for their specialised work. They are responsible for managing genetic materials as they get to develop into embryos. They mostly work to ensure that the Embryology lab is one ideal environment for embryo storage and proper growth. So, all the special IVF clinics have a team of reputed Embryologists, ready to help make this process a success.

All about Dr Ram Prakash:

Mr. Ram Prakash is Senior Embryology Laboratory director in the department of IF and Fertility at Angel Fertility Clinic. He is also serving as Laboratory Director at Max super specialty Hospital, Vaishali, Delhi NCR. Also, he is heading the Embryology laboratory at Omya Fertility Group. He is a Certified Clinical Embryologist; he received his training from many prestigious institutions like Kasturba medical college, Manipal University, BACC (Bangalore), and received his Embryo Biopsy training from Embryotools, Spain. He has performed more than 8000 IVF cycles, Over 1000 Embryo Biopsies. His Total Experience of more than ten years in the field of ART. He has trained more than 100+ Doctors and aspiring embryologists from around the globe.

You can contact him at (977) 159-03855 or email him at info@angelfertilityclinic.com.



Embr. Ram Prakash

Lab Director MSc, PhD

Mr Ram Prakash Is Senior Embryology Laboratory Director In The Department Of IVF And Fertility At Angel Fertility Clinic.

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