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About Embr. Ram Prakash

Embr. Ram Prakash is a distinguished figure in the realm of clinical embryology. He serves as the Senior Embryology Laboratory Director at Angel Fertility Clinic and also holds the position of Laboratory Director at Max Super Specialty Hospital in Vaishali, Delhi NCR. Additionally, he is the head of the Embryology Laboratory at Omya Fertility Group.

Embr. Ram Prakash is a Certified Clinical Embryologist with extensive training from prestigious institutions such as Kasturba Medical College (Manipal University), BACC (Bangalore), and Embryotools in Spain, where he received specialized Embryo Biopsy training. His remarkable career spans more than ten years in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART). During this time, he has successfully managed over 8,000 IVF cycles and conducted more than 1,000 embryo biopsies. His expertise extends globally; he has trained over 100 doctors and aspiring embryologists from around the world.

For inquiries or to seek his guidance, you can contact Embr. Ram Prakash at (977) 159-03855 or via email at info@angelfertilityclinic.com. With professionals like Embr. Ram Prakash leading the way, Angel Fertility Clinic ensures top-tier embryology expertise in your fertility journey.



Embr. Ram Prakash

Lab Director MSc, PhD

Embr. Ram Prakash, A Certified Clinical Embryologist With Experience Of A Decade, Leads As The Senior Embryology Laboratory Director At Angel Fertility Clinic, Offering Expert Fertility Guidance.

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