Laser Hatching

In layman’s terms, Laser Hatching is a scientific IVF procedure. This process makes it easier for the embryo to hatch or to make a breakthrough in its outer shell or layer. This outer layer is also called Zona Pellucid, which is a membrane. It helps to create an opening. In some instances, the layer is pretty thick or hardened with freezing and thawing process as some of the major reasons. The less difficulty the embryo will face while hatching, the better will be its chance to attach or plant into the uterus walls.

Pregnancy fails to occur unless the embryo properly hatches and implants. So, Laser Hatching will play a significant role in achieving the crucial steps!

Focus on the treatment procedure:

Here, the process involves an embryologist, who will be sending a brief yet strong light beam under a microscope. It helps in creating a gap within the shell through which the embryo gets the chance to come out. 

  • This procedure takes place mostly after 3 days of fertilisation during an IVF or ICSI cycle.
  • It is during that time when the embryo has started to divide or cleave.
  • The entire process will take just a few seconds without hurting the embryo.
  • After that, the embryo gets transferred back into the uterus of the person to attach itself to the lining of the wall and starts growing from there. 

Who is this process meant for?

Any patient has the liberty to take advantage of the Laser Hatching. However, there are some patients, who have no other option but to call experts for a Laser Hatching procedure. Some of those options are listed below.

  • Any woman above the age of 37 might need help with embryo hatching.
  • It is best for those who produce a higher level of follicle.
  • It is also for women who stimulate hormones during their early cycle stages.
  • If you have an unsuccessful IVF cycle, then Laser Hatching might be your solution.
  • If you tend to produce a harder or thicker membrane, then Laser Hatching is the only solution left for it.

It is often recommended to catch up with the best team of doctors with years of experience in handling mechanisms used for Laser Hatching. There is no room left for mistakes. So, getting proper help is the only way out.

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  • Our Laser Hatching technique will make it a lot easier to make hatching simple and will give embryos the better chance to get attached to the uterus wall, which is also known as implantation.

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