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After How Many Weeks IVF Pregnancy Is Safe

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You count each day or week when you are trying to conceive. In terms of IVF pregnancy, you have waited a lot to confirm whether you are pregnant or not, since the entire IVF treatment process includes everything, from the administration of hormonal drugs to stimulate the ovaries to embryo transfer and pregnancy test.

As it is not your natural pregnancy, you have numerous queries in your mind after being confirmed on your pregnancy through IVF. You want to know the duration after which your IVF pregnancy is safe. Before knowing it, you should have a basic idea about IVF and how is it different from natural conception.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation

It is an assisted reproductive technology treatment to facilitate an infertile couple in conceiving a child. In the process, egg fertilisation and embryo development take place outside the human body, in the laboratory. In general, experts advise this fertility treatment to couples with ovarian disorders, sperm abnormalities, endometriosis, fibroids, unexplained infertility, and allied other issues.   

IVF Treatment Process

The first step of IVF treatment starts with consultation in IVF specialist. The initial consultation includes interaction, medical history review, and physical examinations along with routine blood test and USG scan.  After that, your doctor asks you to go through a fertility assessment to determine the root cause of your conception issue. Your actual IVF treatment process starts with ovarian stimulation and ends with a pregnancy test followed by the embryo transfer. It includes:

  • Ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs
  • Egg retrieval  
  • Fertilisation with selected sperm
  • Embryo development (Blastocyst formation)
  • Embryo transfer
  • Clinical pregnancy test (Beta HCG)

A cycle of IVF treatment usually lasts for 4-6 weeks. In some cases, it can go beyond 8 weeks.  

IVF Treatment Risks

IVF treatment carries some significant risks that could be:

  • Chances of conceiving with more than 1 child
  • Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)

Following your doctor’s instructions and the careful execution of the entire IVF process at your doctor’s office can help you have minimum risks or complications.  

IVF Treatment Success

The success of your IVF treatment depends on many factors like maternal age, egg and sperm health, your support, and doctor’s skills. As per clinical studies, around 50 % of IVF pregnancies result in live birth. Your doctor can help you know your IVF treatment success chance based on your reproductive health.

After how many weeks, your IVF pregnancy is safe

After successful implantation of an embryo, your doctor asks you to take a pregnancy test after two to three weeks. Your IVF pregnancy is like natural pregnancy after embryo transfer. As per many reproductive health experts, your IVF pregnancy is safe after 12-15 weeks, first trimester.  

At Angel Fertility Clinic, Our experts help couples feel at ease while raising their IVF concerns before going for the treatment.

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