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As a woman of reproductive age, you want to become a mother after enjoying your married life for a few months or years. And when you make your pregnancy plan and start working on it, you have numerous queries. And chances of getting pregnant at what time is one of those queries. Before getting the right answer to it, you should know how a pregnancy occurs. 

How does a pregnancy happen?

A pregnancy happens when your egg meets with your male partner’s sperm ejaculated into your vagina while having sex during ovulation. 

Usually, females of reproductive age have a menstrual cycle of 28 days. In some cases, it can be shorter than 24 days and longer than 35 days. In your menstrual cycle, you ovulate. Through ovulation, either of your ovaries releases a mature egg that travels to the uterus via the fallopian tube. If your egg gets fertilised with your male’s sperm during its travel to the uterus and implanted on the uterine lining, you conceive. And in or around 15 days of implantation, you start noticing pregnancy symptoms like breast tenderness, morning sickness, and vomiting. 

What are your chances of being pregnant on your period?

Your conception chances are very low on your period of each menstrual cycle. It is, as after 

12-15/16 days of your period in each menstrual cycle, your ovary releases a mature egg that is alive for 12-24 hours. You ovulate again after your next period or in the next menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycle is irregular and you ovulate late in your menstrual cycle, you can get pregnant. 

Chances of getting pregnant just after your period

Your chance of getting pregnant is low to medium just after having a period. Just after a period, your ovary does not release a mature egg. The release of a mature egg happens in the middle of your menstrual cycle. It happens on day 12-15/16 if your menstrual cycle is regular. You can conceive you ovulate later in your menstrual cycle. Having a look at cervical mucus can help you know whether you are fertile or not after your period.  

Chances of getting pregnant during ovulation  

Your chances of getting pregnant during ovulation is high. It is higher, especially on a day before or on ovulation day. If you make unprotected vaginal sex with your male partner on a day before or ovulation day, you can conceive. It is as if your male partner's sperm can live for 4-5 days. Making love two days before or on ovulation can make you get pregnant in spite of having egg survival time of 12-24 hours. 

Having physical intimacy on each 2nd day can help you conceive. However, it is useless if you do it 5-7 days before or 1-2 days after ovulation. To ensure your conception, you must make love on or a day before ovulation.   

What should you know about pregnancy chances and reality?

Keep in mind pregnancy reality is very different from pregnancy chances. It is, as the chances of pregnancy are based on clinical data that may be different for you. However, tracking menstrual cycle, predicting ovulation, and having a close look at cervical mucus can help you know your highly fertile time. And having sex during your fertile windo/time can help you increase your pregnancy chances. 

At Angel Fertility Clinic, we are backed by all the requisite facilities and experienced doctors to support you in your pregnancy plan. As per your need, we can help you to track your ovulation, cervical mucus, and basal body temperature to know your fertile window. And with our support, you can get pregnant easily.


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