Male Infertility

It might sound shocking but 1 out of 7 couples are infertile. It means you have not been able to conceive a child naturally, even after trying for about a year. If that’s the case, calling an expert seems to be the ideal solution. In half of these cases, it is male infertility that comes in the way of conceiving naturally. Therefore, getting it treated ASAP is the only solution if you want to enjoy the joyous moment of becoming a parent.

Male infertility is mainly caused by lower sperm production, blockages or abnormal sperm function that will prevent in delivery of sperm. Injuries, illnesses, lifestyle choices and chronic health problems are some of the results contributing to male infertility.

Male Infertility

The inability to conceive a baby can be pretty frustrating and stressful. However, there are various numbers of male infertility treatments in Kathmandu available, in case you want to get rid of the mental trauma you are going through!

Get on with the symptoms:

Before you jump straight to any sort of conclusion, checking out some of the signs associated with male infertility is important. It is hard to come across some obvious signs, but with expert help, you might know what to look for. In some instances, an underlying problem like hormonal imbalance dilated veins around testicles or inherited disorders are some of the causes of male infertility. Let’s focus on some of the signs you will notice.

  • Lower than a normal sperm count that is fewer than 15 million sperms per millimetre
  • Decreased body or facial hair or any other sign of hormonal or chromosomal abnormality
  • Abnormal breast growth, also known as Gynecomastia
  • Not being able to smell
  • Recurrent respiratory infections
  • Swelling, pain or even a lump around the testicle areas
  • Issues with sexual functions like difficulty in ejaculating, smaller volumes of sperm, reduced sexual desire or even erectile dysfunction

The right time to see a doctor:

In case you are not able to conceive a child even after trying unprotected sex for over a year, then it is a sign to consult a doctor first and get the treatment done. Some of the other points when you need to consult a doctor are:

  • Partner over the age group of 35 years
  • Testicle, groin or penis surgery
  • History related to prostate, testicle or sexual issues
  • Discomfort, lump or pain around the testicle regions
  • Ejaculation or erectile problems 
  • Lower sex drive
  • Other issues with sexual functions

Get help from Angel Fertility Clinic:

Even though we are known to offer the best IVF and ICSI treatments alongside IUI, we have a separate team at Angel Fertility Clinic, which will focus on male infertility problems. We have some of the best and scientifically proven treatment plans around here, just to help you get to the core of the problems and get those treated right away! 

Depending on the issue you are suffering from, the treatment plan is subject to change. For that, we will run some tests to get to the bottom of the problems. It helps us to chalk out a perfect male infertility treatment plan.

Performing appropriate tests:

Our well-trained IVF doctors will offer some of the most successful make infertility treatments all across Kathmandu and that helps you to become a father as always wanted. We will learn about your physiological status first and then recommend some tests to follow. After getting the results in hand, we will jump straight into the treatment procedure.

So, let’s not waste any time and get treated right away! Give us a call at (977) 159-03855 or email us at and w will book a slot under your name.