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What Is The Ideal Sperm Count For Pregnancy?

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Your parenthood journey is different from other couples. And due to this, some of you have to struggle a lot to conceive a child. When you experience conception delay, you visit the best IVF centre in Kathmandu or your locality. After interacting with both of you and conducting physical examinations, your doctor recommends a few tests to identify the root cause and confirms low sperm count is prohibiting you from conceiving a child. 

As a couple, you can have a query on the ideal number of sperm to father a baby. As per numerous studies and reproductive health experts, normal sperm count is ideal for conception. You (male partner) have less sperm if your female partner is not getting pregnant even after having all tests normal. As per the World Health Organisation, a male should have around 15 million in a millilitre of semen. Lower sperm count than 15 million a millilitre means you are infertile. In brief, the ideal sperm count for pregnancy is 15 million per millilitre of a male’s semen 

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What should you do?

Having a low sperm count doesn’t mean you can’t make your female partner pregnant. You can opt for fertility treatments like IVF, ICSI with IVF, or IUI to conceive a child. Further, you can opt for lifestyle changes such as healthy diet, weight management, regular exercising, stress management, and quitting drinking & smoking. These changes will help you increase your sperm count and move forward on your family expansion plan. In the case of no sperm, you can opt for a sperm donor program.     


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