ICSI Treatment

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is known as a special form of IVF treatment, mainly used for treating severe cases of male factor infertility. ICSI mostly involves injecting a single sperm directly into a mature egg. Focusing on the ICSI Cost in Kathmandu is important as that helps you to stay prepared for the budget. Reputed clinics will charge you once for the service and the result will be picture-perfect!

Medical centres will be using a medium during sperm selection. This medium consists of hyaluronan, which will bind the sperm more likely to normal DNA and will allow the selection of the bound sperm for injection. By focusing on the sperm bound to HA and using them for the ICSI treatment, expert embryologists will use better quality and more mature sperm for presenting positive results all the time. However, this treatment is considered to be standard practice and not quite suitable in every case, based on individual circumstances.

How well do ICSI works?

There are primarily two ways in which an egg might be fertilized by IVF treatment. One is the traditional norm and another one is ICSI. 

  • When it comes to traditional IVF, around 50,000 or more swimming sperm will be placed next to the egg in the lab Petri dish. 
  • Fertilization takes place when one of those sperms enters the cytoplasm of the egg.
  • On the other hand, in the ICSI procedure, a tiny needle known as a micropipette is used to inject single sperm into the egg’s centre.
  • With the other traditional IVF or ICSI methods, whenever fertilization takes place, the egg will grow in the lab for 1 to 5 days before getting transferred to the uterus.

Reasons why ICSI is a needful procedure:

The reputed ICSI centre is more than happy to offer the best ICSI procedure to help overcome some fertility problems. Have you ever wondered why you need to trust the process? There are certain fertility issues that ICSI can treat from the core. Let’s find out more about that in detail.

  • Maybe the previously frozen eggs are already being used
  • If In vitro matured eggs are used then ICSI is the process to go for
  • Eggs have not quite been fertilised by using the traditional IVF method, no matter whatever the condition of the sperm remains
  • A blockage can be seen in the male reproductive tract that will keep sperm from getting out
  • The sperm might find it difficult to get attached to the egg
  • The sperm might not move in any normal fashion
  • Maybe the male partner is producing few sperm for covering IUI or IVF treatment and ICSI seems to be the only solution left for some positive results

What is the success percentage of the ICSI procedure?

ICSI helps in fertilising around 50% to 80% of eggs throughout the process. However, some issues might occur after or during the ICSI procedure. 

  • Some or maybe all the eggs might get damaged while running through the process
  • The embryo might stop growing.
  • The eggs might not grow into an embryo even after getting injected with sperm

But, with the help of the best ICSI Clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal, you can keep the issues at bay. The doctors will thoroughly examine both partners before moving on with the ICSI procedure. They are well aware of the risks and problems involved and will create a plan to prevent these issues from taking place.

Once fertilization takes place, the couple will have the chance to give birth to a single baby, twins or even triplets, if they went through the IVF process, with or without ICSI help.

Angel Fertility Clinic to the rescue:

Searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across so many ICSI centres and all claiming to be the best in town. But, once you have chosen us at Angle Fertility Clinic, there is no need to look for secondary help at all. We have been presenting the best ICSI Treatment in Nepal to all our needful patients and they are super happy with the results they got.

  • We will focus on Teratozoospermia, where the sperm shape is abnormal and might hinder the process of normal penetration.
  • Furthermore, we focus on other male infertility problems like Asthenozoospermia and Oligospermia and provide the best treatment needed to cover up the ICSI process later.

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